Busy Builders

We have been so busy in our construction area this week. We have been exploring a range of construction materials and planning our products using planning sheets. The children worked really hard building robots, planes and houses for the three little pigs. Well done Reception!

The Oscars!

We have had a fabulous day celebrating all of our amazing Reception children during our ‘The Oscars’ day today! Every child had an award that reflected something they have been amazing at this year! We are so proud of you!

Australia Week

We have had a super week in Reception learning all about Australia. We particularly enjoyed exploring and creating aboriginal artwork and comparing it to the Spanish mosaic artwork we created last week. We then found and explored a range of instruments with aboriginal patterns on too. Super creative work Reception!


We have been amazed at the children’s fabulous start to their ‘time’ maths topic this week! They have shown a fabulous understanding of reading and setting o’clock times in a variety of ways. We have used the IWB to set and read o’clock times, sequenced daily events, set the time on clock faces using play dough for the long and short hands, drawn long and short hands on blank clock faces to show the correct o’clock times, played an o’clock loop card game and played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ in our PE session!

Well done Reception!

Making Manchester!

We have had an amazing week learning all about Greater Manchester. We learnt about the worker bee, Lowry and some of the famous landmarks in the area. Then we worked in groups to make our own Greater Manchester model village! We used a range of construction materials and super team work. We were really proud of our work ⭐️

Outdoor Learning

We have really enjoyed applying our learning outdoors in Reception this week. We have shown our understanding of teen numbers by playing games, created an aeroplane in the construction area to consolidate our learning on holidays and made some delicious porridge from our ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ Storytelling sessions. Super work Reception!

Cold Countries

We have had a brilliant week learning about holidays in cold countries this week. We have explored polar habitats, made igloos using sugar cubes and used wax crayons and water paint to create frosty pictures. The children have done a fabulous job of applying their knowledge of hot holidays and using it to compare and contrast their new learning about cold holidays. Super job Reception!